About the Film

The Kauffman Foundation commissioned the film “Here.Us.Now.” to underscore the need to accelerate and improve on the process by which new research discoveries result in treatments and cures for patients.

To do this, the silos that exist in our health care system need to be broken down. This has everything to do with aligning the incentives of all the players in that system–including you and me. As the foundation of entrepreneurship, the Kauffman Foundation understands the importance of incentives leading business practice. Hospitals optimize their income from medical treatment; insurance companies are incentivized to minimize payments; and, doctors are just trying to treat patients in a system that is shifting under their feet. Researchers are incentivized to publish because their peers, and the various other players in the system (including the patients), are intent on hoarding, not sharing, data.

“Here.Us.Now.” depicts three realities in the U.S. health care system today. First is the patient advocate’s role in driving changes in policy and popular sentiment. We saw the power of this with the AIDs movement and hope for the same in pediatric and rare diseases.

Second are organizations such as the Myelin Repair Foundation, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Army of Women, which are pursuing patient-driven R&D partnerships with academic and private-sector scientists. These models, which are intent on utilizing a patient focus to accelerate research outcomes while also driving policy changes through their unique funding models, have grown significantly and are achieving critical outcomes.

Last, but certainly not least, is the patient/parent- driven R&D model as illustrated by the example of the Hempels.

For more information about what YOU can do to get involved visit: A Call to Action